Since 1976, the Rotary Club of Edmonds has awarded 311 scholarships to graduating seniors from Edmonds-Woodway, Meadowdale, and Scriber Lake High Schools. The total amount awarded has been over $305,000.

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must be from one of the high schools listed above. Check with your school counseling office to verify if Rotary offers scholarships for students at your school. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen with a recommended minimum grade point average of 2.75. Financial need is the primary criteria for the selection of scholarship winners. Applications for the $1,500 scholarships for 2021-2022 are due to high school counselors by March 1, 2022.

Recipients will be notified by April 27, 2022, and will be invited to a club meeting for a special presentation luncheon. The $1,500 checks will be dispersed directly to the winners’ colleges/universities in August 2022 for use during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Scholarship Committee will review all application packets using the following selection criteria:

1. Financial need of the applicant and his/her family

2. Obstacles overcome by the applicant

3. High school, community service, and volunteer activities including honors or awards received by the applicant

4. A statement of the applicant’s career goals and objectives

5. A review of the applicant’s recent high school transcript, letters of recommendation, and statement of what service to his/her school and community has meant to the applicant

Links to applications:

For additional information, contact Edmonds Rotary Youth Services Committee Chair, Richard Okimoto at


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